Baguette Bardot

Baguette Bardot


    Baguette Bardot (a.k.a toastie)

    Toastie started her live performance as Toastgirl cooking toast on her head while she stayed and studied in australia. After returning to Japan she started making video works, music and a variety of original avant garde performances. Toastie loves creating shows based on different characters. After performing as "Toastgirl," she created "Tokyo Tower C" (singer/ DJ), "Isabella Toastita" (dancer), "Dr. Paluma" (Director, Gance Institute), "Ooh la la" (astrologer) and most recently "Baguette Bardot (BB)." These joyful and playful performances and stories are largely improvised, conveying messages that are delved instinctively and instantaneously.

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