The FGL Team ?


1988 to 1990

At the urging of the biggest French specialist of Detroit rock, the Stooges and of Iggy Pop (Bernard Cosmic Masanes), we saw the creation of the label “Revenge”. This label contributed, in no small part, to the grand return of the godfather of punk (Iggy Pop), and re-edited the most rare documents of the best gangs of the “MotorCity”, such as MC5, The Flamin’ Groovies, The Stooges, New Race, Destroy All Monsters. The same year. The label Mantra was born, and soon after offered a rich catalog dedicated to progressive music, considering the best recordings of Gong, Amon Duul, Dashiell Hedayat and Tim Blake, to name a few. They were concurrently interested with contemporary music and artist including Pierre Henry and Art Zoyd, followed by the re-edition of the best titles of the catalogs of Saravah (Jacques Higelin, Carole Laure, Brigitte Fontaine).

With the arrival of the 90's (having already attained an important success with the second “concept album” from the “Rolling Bidochons”, which garnered the gold album award), the company turned toward the re-edition and production of the best French rock groups, such as Cyclope, Les Têtes Raides, Le Cri de la Mouche, Parabellum, etc. During this period, the company would also re-edit the best recordings from the catalogs of Madrigal, Saravah, and Shandar.

1991 to 1995

For the last decade of the twentieth century, FGL would inaugurate several new labels, and notably Play-Time, which was consecrated to film music (above all, the biggest French composers) and successfully re-edited several original recordings, like those of Peau d'Âne) (Mule Hide, from Michel Legrand. Very soon after, the label became equally focused on the music from television series. They were the first to offer the theme songs from the best French and international series (after signing an exclusive contract with TVT Records). At the same time, FGL was developing their catalogs of French songs (re-editing the most beautiful pages of our heritage at the heart of it's label Orphée), and offered several beautiful collections of salon dance music (La Collection Dansez) with their new label dedicated to this genre, Swingmania.

Concurrently, via the signing of several British and American companies, FGL procured the rights to numerous catalogs, and became owner of a large back catalog that regrouped several important French variety artists (Lio, Robert Charlebois, Hervé Cristiani, Pierre Vassiliu, Jesse Garon, Catherine Ribeiro, Eric Morena, etc.) as well as international variety (Petula Clark, Gloria Gaynor, Amanda Lear), etc. FGL acquired, as well, the rights to one of the most prestigious catalogs of classical music, La Guilde International du Disque (The International Guild of Records). Hence, FGL became one of the most important independent sources which attracted the biggest collectors and compilers of the planet for their compilation projects.

1996 to 1998

Strong from the success of the labels (Play-Time, Mantra) our structure moved toward other musical genres that had been more or less abandoned by other companies. We relaunched Axe Killer and concentrated our efforts (with prestigious re-editions of albums from Scorpions, Whitesnake, Queensrÿche, Gary Moore, etc.) as well as some of the smaller, but equally important international groups (Great White, The Angels, Nashville Pussy, etc). Quickly, the label became one of the most important references for heavy metal enthusiasts worldwide. In a different style, FGL opened a new sector, dedicated to offering deluxe editions of French and international variety. Anthology’s offers the most luxurious anthologies of Petula Clark, Adamo, Marylin Monroe, etc.

1998 to today

With the label Remedy, dedicated to today’s rock stage, Revenge is still focusing on ’70s and ’80s, and we still offer luxurious editions of Iggy Pop and Lords of the New Church. And new productions like Tito and Tarantula (discovered by Quentin Tarentino). At the beginning of 1999, we inaugurated our own internet site ( which offers to the public online sales and specialties, like listening to new titles, news, concerts, etc. At the same time, strengthened by our past experience, we developped a catalog of world music (becoming the exclusive producer worldwide, of the famous Bolchoi Orchestra and the Red Army Choir) and created a label for that genre (Kosmos). Kosmos quickly became an indispensible brand in world music. In order to manage our quickly-developing world market, we opened an office in Moscow (situated on the famous street “Arbat”) and recentely in new york and London with our local partners. All the while, our quality work has become more and more appreciated. We are developping our exchanges, and are now well installed in South East Asia with one office based in Bangkok. Our music and Video productions are now worldwide available for licensing (DVD) or broadcast.

In 2006 FGL is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary!