• Wednesday September 11th, 2019

    The Red Army Choir back in Europe

    After their tour last march and april in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italie, Czech, Slovakia, etc The famous Alexandrov ensemble will be back in Europe next October, in Romania, see all Red Army Choir dates : Click here

  • Thursday August 29th, 2019

    News into Turkish charts...

    TV THEMES 90's, produced by FGL PRODUCTIONS, now enter Top 25 into the Itunes charts in Turkey Click here

  • Tuesday August 13th, 2019

    The Stlain Album number 1 in Hong kong Itunes charts!

    The album produced by FGL Productions is now n°1 on Itunes Charts Hong Kong! Click here

  • Friday August 2nd, 2019

    Grand Opening of Louis de Funès museum!

    After St-Tropez, the city of Saint-Raphaël is opening a brand new museum dedicated to the most famous french comic. Time to listen the best music from his cult movies Click here

  • Thursday July 25th, 2019

    Benny Hill's soundtrack in Peru charts

    Deezer charts welcome Benny Hill soundtrack in Peru! Click here

  • Thursday July 18th, 2019

    Jean-Jacques Debout in Canadian charts

    french singer Jean-Jacques Debout enter into Canadian charts with its album "Sous le soleil des Guinguettes" Click here

  • Wednesday July 10th, 2019

    Gong into Netherland charts!

    Daevid Allen band's Gong enter n°36 into the Itunes Netherland charts Click here

  • Sunday July 7th, 2019

    Amelie Morin's french singer now in Swedish charts

    "Prosper" from Amelie Morin's album "Double Echo" now enter into Itunes top 200 charts! Click here

  • Monday June 24th, 2019

    Iggy Pop back in Germany

    The God Father of punk Iggy Pop will be back in Germany on July 14th at Stimmen Festival (Lörrach) Click here

  • Friday June 21st, 2019

    Zero enter Itunes charts

    Rolling Bidochons boxset "Zero" (parody of Beatles compilation "1") enter into Itunes Luxembourg All Genres charts Click here