Baton Rouge


    The fans of blues-rock'n'roll are not mistaken when they say that Baton Rouge is the French group most underestimated by the critics. Founded by Michel Fraisse in the Nineties after several trials with various formations, the group is a power trio strongly influenced by the music of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

    Compared with certain concurrent groups, Baton Rouge is very musically talented and after a series of concerts that create quite a buzz, they enjoy the esteemed regard of the public.

    During their peregrinations - it is not easy to play and to live such music - Red Stick records two albums, which very quickly become classics of the genre. For the second, they leave even their native soil and immigrate to New York, where the group works with the greatest American sound engineers.

    In spite of that, success is slow even with the support of established personalities like Francis Cabrel does not hesitate to take the stage with them to play a Hendrix tune before a crowd gone wild.

    Finally, Baton Rouge separates after recording a last exceptional album in company of prestigious guests like Eric Delbouys, Pierre Savary and Philippe Poitevin. Since then, the Blues-Rock'n'roll world waits patiently until Red Bâton yields to the latest fashion of band reformation.

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