Georges Delerue - Promise at Dawn (Original SoundTrack)

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In 1970, American filmmaker Jules Dassin contacted Georges Delerue, the renowned French composer who had already enjoyed success with his scores for Jules & Jim, Contempt, King of Hearts and A Walk with Love and Death. Dassin wanted him to do the music for Promise at Dawn, his adaptation of Romain Gary's autobiographical memoir.

Delerue thought it was an interesting challenge: he would use notes of music to tell this story, an impassioned mother-son relationship, and explore the torments of the Slav soul, while travelling through time (from 1914 to 1945), and covering a lot of territory (Russia, Poland and France). Unfortunately, the trip had pitfalls: Dassin turned down part of the music already recorded by the composer, and Delerue had to go back to the drawing board.

Here, for the very first time, is the double score for Promise at Dawn: the music heard in the film, plus the music that Jules Dassin didn't keep.

You can hear the firepower in Delerue's compositions, his great lyricism, and the very personal way that he revisits music of the past. The complete score is accompanied by some previously unreleased demos, miraculously exhumed from the composer's archives. Today, 45 years after the original recordings, you can listen to the musical adventure of Promise at Dawn, revealed at last in its full dimensions.

This is both an album and an event, an indispensable collectors' item for lovers of the great Georges Delerue.

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